hello! i'm valarie and i'm an intuitive art director.

I like to inspire people with simple, meaningful, and smart design. It’s what I believe in.

I am an intuitive art director with nearly a decade of experience, but have been intuitively creating and expressing myself through art since I could remember. I value collaborative creative problem solving and have a passion for creating compelling visual solutions for all platforms.

My area of expertise lies in my highly intuitive and empathic abilities. I listen to not only what my clients are saying, but what is not being said. I am able to visually create what someone may not be able to express.

Being mindful of energy allows me to wholeheartedly immerse myself in creativity and attention to detail while working.

I always had a deep connection with the universe and a healthy attraction to all things mystical and hidden. Over the years, I have developed an uncanny ability to sense and feel what clients are envisioning which allow me to bring creations to life.

My professional work has spanned from working with clients such as HBO, NBC (Bravo), American Express, BMW, Chapstick, Tetley Tea and Windows Phone.

In the healthcare world, I have worked with clients such as Gilead, Merck, Genentech, Simparica, Otsuka (Abilify Maintena), Cancer Care and Novartis.

When I’m not working on client projects, you can find me with my nose in a book or just being in the present moment enjoying the little things and being grateful for everything the universe has given and taught me.

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